We all know the challenges of heating a baby’s bottle to the correct temperature and that sometimes you need to do this quickly, for example in the middle of the night or when your baby is crying. And the need to do it quickly.

For many years’ health professionals have been advising much to the frustration of parents, never to use a microwave to warm a baby’s bottle.  This advice was originally related to dated research which demonstrated a risk of creating hot spots in the milk. Fast forward 73 years since the introduction of the microwave oven and revolutionary new technology, known as Microweter Technology is taking the microwaving of both baby formula and expressed breastmilk by storm!

What does milkymeter do?

This amazing new Microweter Technology is used in Milkymeter, and allows you for the first time ever to measure the temperature of baby milk whilst it’s being heated in the microwave. In this way, Milkymeter will ensure the bottle is always at the right temperature for your baby every time without fail, whilst also preserving essential nutrients and vitamins contained within the milk, whether this be expressed breast milk or formula. Invented by two fabulous Danish engineers, Henrik and Kristian this unique product idea was born in 2013 when they were both frustrated by the inconsistent temperature when heating food within a microwave. This frustration was exacerbated when Henrik first became a father and he found it difficult to ensure his baby’s bottle was always at the correct temperature. After many years of development and testing, Microweter Technology and Milkymeter were finally developed. To put it in non-scientific terms, the unique temperature sensors contained within Milkymeter basically measure temperature development within the microwave and throughout the milk, this in turn enables you to quickly and easily control the heating process and reach the perfect temperature for your baby’s milk, without under or over heating in any way.


Using Milkymeter is quick, simple and easy, all you need to do is place Milkymeter into your baby’s bottle ensuring that the milk contained within the bottle covers the minimum line. Put the bottle into the microwave and start the warming process. The best location to place the bottle is to the side of the microwave rather than right in the middle. When you first start warming a blue light will flash, indicating the milk is too cold for your baby, when this light changes to flashing green your bottle is ready for use. If your bottle light changes to red, then it is too hot for your baby and you will need to let it cool down before feeding.

Milkymeter really is revolutionary and will most definitely change the way in which we make and warm bottles of expressed breast milk or baby formula!


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