milkymeter measures milk temperature in baby’s bottle while it is being warmed in the microwave. It lets you know directly from the microwave when the temperature is right and you should stop the microwave. Baby bottle is ready in seconds while nutrients are preserved.

Product Description

  • For fast, easy & gentle warming of breast milk & formula
  • 10 times faster than bottle heater or waterbath. 
  • Measures milk temperature in the baby bottle while being heated. The bottle is ready in seconds and overheating is avoided. 
  • Helps preserve nutrients in the milk which are damaged by overheating.
  • No need for additional space in kitchen, or unnecessary heating equipment. Fits in changing bag when out and about. 
  • Suitable for all baby bottle sizes & brands, breast milk, milk & formula
  • For microwave use only – No battery required – Powered by microwave energy


Milkymeter is an innovative baby bottle thermometer for the microwave that accurately measures baby bottle temperature. The integrated LED light tells you  when the milk has reached the perfect temperature directly from inside the microwave. Milkymeter is easy to use for everyone – parents, grandparents or babysitters. With its compact design, Milkymeter fits into any bag – for easy bottle warming when you are out and about.

How to use Milkymeter:

Step 1
Place Milkymeter in the baby bottle with milk. You can safely warm breast milk, formula, regular milk and other fluids.

Step 2
Place the bottle with the Milkymeter in the microwave and start warming. Keep an eye on the flashing LED on the Milkymeter, indicating the temperature level in real-time:

Blue light: Milk is being warmed – too cold to serve
Green light: Milk has reached the ideal temperature – Stop the microwave!
Red light: Milk is too hot – Cool down before serving

Step 3
When the flashing light turns green, stop the microwave and take the bottle out. Stir the milk with the Milkymeter to ensure an even temperature. Check the temperature.

Step 4
Turn a hungry baby into a happy baby.

How does it work?
Milkymeter has 5 evenly distributed temperature sensors that measure temperature development in different places in the bottle to calculate the average temperature. This ensures a correct temperature measurement regardless of bottle size and filling level. Milkymeter is solely driven by microwave harvested energy and does not require any batteries – it simply switches on automatically when you start the microwave.

Practical information

  • For microwave use only
  • Made of sturdy PESU foodsafe plastic
  • BPA free
  • May be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Can be sterilised (NOT suitable for sterilisation in microwave)


Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 15 × 2 × 1.2 cm


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