It is safe to heat baby bottles in microwave if temperature is observed

The microwave is the fastest bottle warmer. However, the bottle gets warm really quickly and if you are not careful, you may overheat the bottle and risk burning your baby. This is why we invented milkymeter! milkymeter tells you when the bottle is ready and you should open the microwave.

When using milkymeter you can warm the bottle safely in the microwave and feed baby in seconds. Without the risk of burns from too high temperatures and with all the important nutrients preserved in the milk.


Facts about microwaves

Microwaves are energy, they make the molecules in the food move, hence the heating. They are similar to radio-waves and cannot change molecular structure in the food, make food radioactive or in any other way dangerous.

Food or milk being heated in the microwave is being heated from the outside in - just like if you heat food on the stove, in the oven or heat a baby bottle in a water bath. The big difference lies in the speed. It is much faster to heat in the microwave, and as heating is uneven, hotspots may occur if you do not control temperature.

Another difference lies in the environmental aspect - you do not have to heat water or excess air as you do on the stove or in the oven, as the microwaves heat only the food/milk and plate, not the air.

WHO has an objective and easy to understand info on microwaves on their website:

Harvard medical school also has an easy to understand article about microwaves and health:

Using milkymeter to heat safely in the microwave oven

milkymeter measures temperature while the baby bottle is being heated in the microwave. It flashes a green light when milk reaches body temperature making it possible for you to stop the microwave in time and avoid overheating.

This makes it quick and convenient to heat up the bottle, and as temperature is right - no need to worry about overheating. It is safe for baby - and for the nutrients.

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