How small amounts can I heat with milkymeter?

milkymeter in the right position. Lamp upwards. The back side of milkymeter resting against the inside of baby's bottle.

The minimum line on milkymeter must be covered to ensure accurate temperature measurement. How much milk this is depends on the type and size of milk bottle used.

For the most accurate reading, the back side of your milkymeter should ideally be resting against the inside of baby's bottle before going in the microwave (see picture). The back of milkymeter is marked with the letters 'CE'.

When warming small amounts of milk, you get the most gentle warming if you place the bottle with milkymeter in one side of the turning plate in the microwave (not in the center) and a small glass of water in the other side while heating. Milkymeter of course in the milk bottle.

Preparing infant formula fast

It is quite o.k. to make more than one bottle at a time if you cool them directly after making (in the fridge or in iced water) and store them in the fridge until use (max 24 hours) (stated by e.g. WHO and CDC). This means you can make bottles ready before you go to sleep, and heat them in seconds when baby wakes up hungry during the night. As long as you use microwave and milkymeter - and stops the microwave when milkymeter flashes green, this makes sure the temperature is right. Stir or swirl the bottle to even out temperature. In this way, you do not have to wait for baby to wake up the rest of the family before bottle is ready.

see more about safe heating in microwave

Can milkymeter be used for anything else than breast milk and formula

milkymeter is designed for measuring temperature when you heat liquids to body temperature. This means you can use milkymeter with all kinds of liquids you heat to body temperature in the microwave. Besides milk this may be e.g., if you give your baby camomile tea, fennel tea or gruel.

We also use milkymeter for toddlers and older children when they want warm cocoa or warm milk. A toddler or older child normally like milk a little warmer than a baby would, if this is the case, try to let milkymeter flash red once before you stop the microwave and stir.

milkymeter can be used for gruel or watery porridge. You will not get a good result if you try with e.g. mashed potatoes as this is too solid a substance for milkymeter to work properly. If you use milkymeter in gruel or porridge, make sure as usual the minimum line is covered, and stop milkymeter when it flashes green, as this means the temperature is ready to drink (or eat) for a baby.

If you e.g. make fruit compotes in large amounts and freeze in small portions, you can thaw them in the fridge and use milkymeter when you heat them up in the microwave. As long as the compote is liquidy.


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