However, the story starts at the Danish Technical University (DTU) where the two engineers were both making a PhD and met in the kitchen. The frustration then was over the lack of temperature control when heating up fastfood in the microwave oven. They quickly agreed that it would be possible to improve this – and invented MICROWETER TECHNOLOGY – the technolog that harvests energy from the microwaves and uses this energy to power electronics and sensors. This makes it possible to measure temperature in the microwave during heating and thereby control the heating proces. It may sound simple, but a microwave oven have areas with a lot of energy an no energy at all. Making electronics work in both hotspots and coldspots is difficult. This is why it has never been done by anyone before, and why the technology could be patented.
When the technology had been invented, Henrik had a baby daugther and was struggling with warming bottles. Deciding for the first product to use the technology to be milkymeter – the product that would make life easier for parents was easy. For parents – warming 2000 bottles the first year after the baby is born – this would truly make a difference!
Designing a product distinctively Scandinavian in design, clean, smooth, easy to clan, completely air and watertight, food proof and of course can withstand being in the microwave oven has been a challenge, and taken a lot of resources. Being a small company having to find external cooperation partners to assist in the areas where we did not have the competences, and ensuring a top quality product has taken a lot of resources and a long time.
This means that we are proud to say we have succeeded and are ready to launch the product. We hope you will welcome our milkymeter baby.