Warm bottle in seconds

Have you ever wished you could warm baby's milk faster? Use the microwave without the risk of overheating, burning baby and damaging nutrients? Now this is possible!

milkymeter˚ measures the temperature in baby's milk while the baby bottle warms in the microwave oven and tells you straight from the milk when temperature is right and you should stop the microwave. This gives you a warm baby bottle in seconds while avoiding overheating and hotspots.

Convenient and safe to use with milk, breast milk and formula.

Understand milkymeter in seconds

Quick and correct warming of baby's milk bottle preserve nutrients in your milk

Nutrients and vitamins in baby milk are damaged if heated too much (above 45˚C) for a longer time period. This means warming baby bottle quick and correct is important, regardless of using bottle warmer, water bath or microwave.

The safety feature in milkymeter˚ allows you to stop the heating process at the right time, avoiding hotspots. This means you are able to protect the nutrients in baby's milk that are so important for baby's development and digestion.

Full satisfaction or your money back

Find it hard to decide?

Buy milkymeter and try for 30 days at home, if you do not find it makes bottle feeding easier and are not completely satisfied, you can return the product and get your money back.

Valid for products bought at www.mikymeter.com from 1 May - 1 August 2019. Products cannot be returned at retailers but must be returned directly to milkymeter. See conditions: 100% satisfaction - conditions

Works in microwave oven

milkymeter is the world's first wireless thermometer for microwave ovens. It has several digital sensors that measure the milk temperature several places in the milk while it is being warmed in the microwave. The electronics is based on new technology which means milkymeter does neither require battery nor charger. An advantage for both the user and the environment.

Instead of a battery, milkymeter harvest the energy from the microwave and uses it to power the digital temperature sensors.

This means milkymeter only works inside the microwave oven.

How to usemilkymeter

1) Place milkymeter in baby's bottle

Ensure milk covers the "minimum" line. Now milkymeter is ready to measure the temperature.

2) Start the microwave

Place baby's bottle with milk & milkymeter in the microwave oven. Start warming and keep a close eye on milkymeter. milkymeter turns on automatically with the microwave oven.

3) Look for the green light

Milkymeter flashes a blue light when milk is too cold, red when too hot and green when ready to drink. Stop the microwave at the green light.

4) Prepare to feed your baby

Stir the milk with milkymeter to even out the temperature, and check the temperature. Now you are ready to feed your baby.

What parents are saying

"Milkymeter makes it so easy to give a bottle once in a while for someone who primarily breast feed. I feel much more confident with the temperature and avoid the too hot bottles that need to cool down (not to mention the lost nutritional value) while the babies are getting really impatient. 

Ideal when grandparents help taking care of the little ones, then evrybody are more confident at feeding time which tends to be quite hectic with two hungry children." 


Mum with twin boys


"Received my Milkymeter last week and what a difference! No more 8 min waits for bottles to warm up while your baby is screaming at you because they can see the bottle! What’s more.... he finishes the whole bottle because the temperature is perfect! Fantastic product, thank you Milkymeter! Xxx"


Mum's facebook review

"Great invention! Now it is super easy to warm the bottle to the LO to the right temperature every time.  😃👍🏻
... so nice he doesn't have have to wait for me to try to find the right temperature anymore 🤪



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