Bottle warmer. Make baby’s milk bottle ready in seconds

The fastest way to warm baby's bottle

milkymeter˚ measures the temperature in baby's milk while the baby bottle warms in the microwave oven and tells you straight from the milk when temperature is right and you should stop the microwave. This gives you a warm baby bottle in seconds while avoiding hotspots.

Convenient and safe to use with milk, breast milk and formula whether ready made or from milk powder.

Quick and correct warming of baby's milk bottle preserve nutrients in your milk

Nutrients and vitamins in baby milk are damaged if heated too much ( above 45˚C) for a longer time period. Consequently, heating baby bottle quick and correct is important, regardless of using bottle warmer, water bath or microwave.

When using  milkymeter˚ you stop the heating process at the right time, avoiding hotspots. This means you are able to protect the nutrients in baby's milk that are so important for baby's development and digestion.

Works only in microwave oven

milkymeter measures the temperature in the milk bottle while it is being heated in the microwave. It works ONLY inside a microwave oven once the power is on. To make it possible for you to see the temperature inside the microwave, it has a LED light in the top that shows different temperatures with different colours and intensities.

The use is intuitive: Too cold (flashing blue light), nearly ready (rapid flashing blue light), ready to drink (flashing green light) and too hot (flashing red light). When milkymeter flashes a green light, it is time to open the microwave oven and feed your baby.

Peace of mind for all

Making a baby bottle ready is difficult. whether using bottle heater, water bath or other methods.

milkymeter makes life easier for parents, grandparents and babysitters at feeding time as it is now possible to warm the bottle quickly, with confidence.

milkymeter starts automatically when you switch on the microwave oven. It works in all milk bottles and microwave ovens. In addition, it is small and easy to take with you. In this way you can use a microwave wherever you are and make baby's milk bottle ready at the right temperature in seconds. milkymeter also makes it easy for your babysitter to warm the bottle quickly to the correct temperature, giving you peace of mind when you have to be away from your baby.

How to usemilkymeter

1) Place milkymeter in baby's bottle

Ensure milk covers the "minimum" line. Now milkymeter is ready to measure the temperature.

2) Start the microwave

Place baby's bottle with milk & milkymeter in the microwave oven. Start warming and keep a close eye on milkymeter. milkymeter turns on automatically with the microwave oven.

3) Look for the green light

Milkymeter flashes a blue light when milk is too cold, red when too hot and green when ready to drink. Stop the microwave at the green light.

4) Prepare to feed your baby

Stir the milk with milkymeter to even out the temperature, and check the temperature. Now you are ready to feed your baby.

Watch how easy it is to use milkymeter


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